”Ryan is an evil genius. I’m scared of that dude.”

"He’s got the long play terrorizing going on. It’s like you wake up one day and you’re like, ‘hey, this Ryan guy’s nice!’ and then a month goes by and it’s like, ‘how does Ryan own my house?’"

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here are some important boys for your important 4th of july

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who is the artist that painted that wonderful lion painting?




you mean. this one


i have no idea. google image search has let me down and the signature in the corner is illegible and makes it look like it was painted in 2669. it looks like a remnant from the fun eras where people were frequently requested to paint or draw exotic animals that they themselves had never actually seen, and so had to run off of secondhand descriptions of them heres some more


nice teeth

imageall seaturtles were suspected to be weaboo trash


this is a CROCODILE theres a lot more here theyre great

I think I found it. So I’m a complete loser and really needed a distraction but i think i really found it!

Googling the image alone doesn’t get you much but one of the hits is this page, the only one that really cites a source. It lists a broken link as its source:

———-> www.galeriabrunovsky.eu/list/pic.php?id=1249199630

At first, I checked the url out on web.archive.org and looked for that picture id (1249199630). I thought I hit a dead end, but I noticed that these captures were from 2008. The signature at the bottom of the picture, at least to me, looks like it says 2009.

I listed all the sub-pages (child pages?) archived and eventually found the page from 2010. Scroll to the bottom and you see this listing:

———-> Peter Kľučik
———-> Lev nádherný, olej na plátne,2009, 50 x 50 cm

Throw that through Google Translate (auto detects to Slovak) and it gives you:

———-> Peter sprout 

———-> Lion gorgeous, oil on canvas, 2009 50 x 50 cm

Google the artist’s name and you find this pinterest post attributing the painting to him, with a pretty clear view of the signature

Peter Kľučik

Here is another Kľučik painting, which seems to have a similar style and subject:

fleshfreak:  Peter Kľučik

The rest of his art that shows up on google seems to be either etching prints or pen and ink or something like that but still largely with weird surreal animals.

Anyways, enjoy~

we did it kids

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RYAN HAYWOOD & Social Media.

this is silly…

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